Beth will bring Countys Jump or Dressage models so that riders can have the opportunity to find the most optimum fitting saddle for both rider and horse. 


on site maintenance and  adjustments can be made to wool flocked saddles. Pads and shims can be recommended to ensure a more optimum fit.



Beth will evaluate any make or model saddle you currently own statically and dynamically making any recommendations necessary to improve the over all fit of existing saddle.


2011 trained with Master saddlers association where she learned how to assess and understand anatomy, gait analysis, static saddle fit, dynamic saddle fit, flocking and the ability to analyze fitting problems and make corrections. Collaborates with chiropractors, trainers, veterinarians and clients to ensure the best possible outcome. Her goal is to provide a service that allows the rider to remain balanced and comfortable while providing the horse an optimum fit allowing him to move feely and efficiently under saddle.

Works on horses with various levels from pleasure to grand prix. Representative for the state of NJ through County saddlery. Highlighted clients include Betsy Steiner, Margie Engle, Kristin Schmolze, Delaware state mounted police and Pegasus riding academy.


Saddle Solutions

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